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Dr. Erwan Quéméré
Associate professor INRAE, HDR
UMR DECOD « Dynamics and sustainability of ecosystems: from source to sea »
65, rue de Saint-Brieuc, 35042 Rennes
Tel: 02 23 48 52 34 – Email :
Evolutionary ecology – Conservation Biology – Environmental genomics

I am interested in the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of wild populations in fragmented landscapes dominated by human activities (hydro-agro-systems). I use methods in population genomics, quantitative genetics, and molecular ecology to study the genetic architecture and evolution of phenotypic variation (immunity, body condition, behavior, movement) in a context of multiple pressures (parasitism, habitat loss and fragmentation, climate change). During the first part of my career (2012-2019) at INRAE CEFS (Toulouse), my research has focused on wild ungulates with a particular emphasis on the European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus).

My move to Rennes (UMR DECOD) in 2020 offered me the opportunity to study biodiversity at other levels of integration, bridging the gap between eco-evolutionary dynamics at the intraspecific level, interspecific interactions (prey-predator relationships), and the trophic structure of aquatic ecosystems. My research project at DECOD has two main axes: Axis 1 focuses on the determinism and evolution of trophic niches of superpredators and Axis 2 explores the link between intraspecific variation and the trophic structure of communities. A third cross-cutting methodological axis involves the development of environmental genomics methods (eDNA analysis in water and digestive matrices) to obtain information on target species (presence/absence, abundance, genetic diversity), species assemblages, and their trophic interactions.