I am a permanent associate researcher at INRA (CR, lab « Ecology and Ecosystem Health », Rennes, France) interested in applying molecular biological techniques and methods in population and quantitative genetics to questions in evolutionary ecology, conservation, and behavior.

My research seek to identify and understand the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms (neutral and selective) that shape the genetic variation within and among populations and ultimately the evolutionary potential of fitness-related traits.

My topic of interests presently include the influence of landscape on genetic structure (landscape genetics), the genetics of reintroduced populations (reintroduction genetics), the genetics of parasite resistance (immunogenetics) and more recently the genetic basis of inter-individual variation in morphological, life-history and behavioural traits related to fitness (wild quantitatitve genetics).

RECENT UPDATE : I recently moved to a new lab (INRA ESE in Rennes). My new project aims to study the trophic structure anf functioning of populations and ecosystems. At the population level, I will study the genetic architecture and evolution of trophic traits/niches in complex heterogenous landscapes . These trophic traits will be defined using a combination of genetic (eDNA metabarcoding), isotopic and morphologic data.  At the (meta)community level, eDNA metabarcoding will also be  used to study the structure and dynamic of trophic networks along environmental gradients.  This website will be updated soon !